I have composed 11 poems to date (8/8/2016) in Aramaic, Arabic, English.


Poem by Ashur R. Michael
Translated from Arabic to English by Sargon R. Michael

From far away corners of Diaspora
I cry aloud for my beloveds in Dora
The town of ancient people of Great Assyria
There it is, beautiful and bold
Its tranquil river surrounded by tall Palm trees
Its vast and fertile landscape
Oh my lord,
She is a beautiful young girl
Just ended her turbulent teenage years
Today she is a mature lady
No fear, no tears to hold
I love you Dora 
Not some playful love,
Not some deceitful tricks you were told
But true and infinite love,
For you, in the depth of my heart, I shall always hold 

A wide street divides its center
Surrounded by beautiful gardens
With plentiful fruit trees
Near the levy, at the end of the wide street
There it is, a beautiful home,
Looking like a deserted city
That home was ours
Where we spent long years of childhood
In the summer heat and winter cold
With memories of a two edge sword
Pleasant, like silver and gold
Sad, like a severed spinal cord   

It is Eight O’clock of a solemn night
When long ago a great revolution erupted
With it, in a glimpse of time, it brought,
Short lived glory and might 

Children like blooming flowers, 
Young men and women
Where love transcends in the street of love
In my beloved town
Tranquil and blooming
By God, if I ever be a bird
Would not want to land anywhere,
But in my beloved town of Dora  


Poem by Ashur R. Michael
Translated from Aramaic to English by Sargon R. Michael

Juliana the voice from heaven
Beautiful and sweet
Bringing joy to mankind
Old and young she pleased
Like a bird she tweet
Under the shadow of tree
Beside a creek we had a seat
Listening to the sound of her music
A tingle in our body
And the heart beat
Filling our hearts with joy
Juliana a beautiful name and sweet
Juliana welcome you to our homes in a beat